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Sometime colleague, recent user of MS Office 2007, told me that every now and then you feel lost in the new interface of programs and ends up appealing to the 2003 version when you need to use certain advanced functions that know how to find the old interface but can not find the new. There are many people who share the same feeling and the subject does not deserve much consideration if the conversation had unfolded in a different setting and with a different user. But we were in the staff room of a school computer where both we lecture. And if a user that is callous as this type of problem, which is not to occur with less experienced?

Well, as paradoxical as it may seem, the degree of difficulty encountered by less experienced users is smaller. For the new Office 2007 interface is much more intuitive than previous versions and has the advantage of being sensitive to the context, ie, provides the user with only those functions applicable at the time, hiding the unnecessary. And that is precisely what affects more experienced users, accustomed to resort to the menu structure.

For example, a colleague of complaints had to do with the fact he did not find, nor prays mad, entries "autotext" (reusable pieces of formatted text that can be stored for easy editing new documents) with which gave so well in the 2003 version of Word. And as they are not on display in the ribbon "Home", which appears during most of the time we use the program, seem hidden.

Really are, but not both. Nor is it so difficult to find them. Think about it: if you had access to your autotext entries, what would you do with them? Probably would insert them in the document. Well then click the "Insert" tab to display the placement options.

Ah, now things have changed (see figure). As the program "knows" that you want to insert something, it shows a wide range of things to be inserted. Ranging from "Equation" and "Symbol" at the right end to "Title" on the left (click on it to open the "Gallery" and see that the corresponding program offers some pretty interesting, not counting those that can be obtained for free the site of MS in < >).

See? It's all there. Less damn "autotext" ...

Where MS would have hidden? Well, at this point it is necessary to use some insight. Just what the missing face of MS who chose the name "Quick Parts" (literal translation of the English phrase "quick parts" that in the original language and in the same context, to make any sense in Portuguese but that does not give a clue what it is) to a gallery which, among other things, contains as our estimate autotext input. There she is, between "Text Box" and "Word Art".

Click apra enlarge ...


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The magic of pressing F1 for help

And entering AUTOTEXT
The AutoText feature is incorporated as a gallery into the expanded capabilities provided by the Quick Parts feature (Document Parts, Building Blocks) in Microsoft Office Word 2007.
Tip You can add the AutoText command to the Quick Access Toolbar by doing the following: Click the Microsoft Office Button , and then click Word Options. Click Customize. Click Commands Not in the Ribbon in the Choose commands from list, click AutoText, and then click Add.
Note The Ribbon is part of the Microsoft Office Fluent user interface

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