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Automation Error excel 2007

Hello everyone, I'm back. In this post I will talk about a problem that I could give, if you use Excel 2007 or higher advanced manner.

As we all know Microsoft product users, everything works fine until it stops, and then, what touches: power cycle? Well, it may be an option but with this case, believe me, you will not going to work. So, sit in your seats and let Fasten the belt to take off ...

For some time, say from Office 2003 to the 2007 removal of this suite, was rather tedious. However, until Office 2007 was possible to totally uninstall with the tool provided by Windows. As all will not always be easy, Office 2007 brought a new installer uninstall task when stopped for some unknown reason had just looking registry entries, dlls, Office Files and Folders up in the attic of our house.

As Microsoft wanted were to increase our knowledge of your operating system, that's why it seems worthy years, removed Office 2010 or Office14, for when you have to go looking for files and folders all over the virtual world of your computer. This suite is even better to uninstall, because when the application that brings to this effect has not completely eliminate a problem but neither application communicates ...

You may wonder why all this stuff that I am releasing. Well, maybe you've installed a trial version of Office 2007 or 2010 and then uninstalled ye to install a licensed version of use. Arrived one day, usually equal to one quarter or multiple thereof, it is possible that some component type Add-ins or any macro stops working. What to do? I turn off and turn on?, ? Uninstall my Office?, ? Uninstall my add-ins? Do I install all over again? Probably you do this and I follow the thing does not work. So what to do? My computer? Formatting and install everything again? Sure, it has a problem: all the videos and photos that I have stuck in my computer, my company has given me to do professional use of it, I will lose. What to do? I need my Add-ins and macro to fill the pools. It is in these moments of despair when you roll you must agree that I have released previously: "That trial version of Office, you think it is uninstalled, possibly not fully and begins to play with you like Chuquicamata." Possibly have a message such as "Automation Error" even pimps and others.


Office 365 Home Premium 1yr Subscription Key Card
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The AutoText feature is incorporated as a gallery into the expanded capabilities provided by the Quick Parts feature (Document Parts, Building Blocks) in Microsoft Office Word 2007.
Tip You can add the AutoText command to the Quick Access Toolbar by doing the following: Click the Microsoft Office Button , and then click Word Options. Click Customize. Click Commands Not in the Ribbon in the Choose commands from list, click AutoText, and then click Add.
Note The Ribbon is part of the Microsoft Office Fluent user interface

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