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Parallels Automation uses its SaaS service module to automate the delivery, billing and provisioning of Microsoft Office 365. This new offering from Parallels, backed by years of success in helping Microsoft partners to take advantage of the cloud, is the quickest way to the Microsoft service providers to offer this service to the market profitably.

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The fastest way to deliver Office 365 service packages

Do you partner to organize Microsoft Office 365? Now you can take advantage of the integration between Parallels Automation and Microsoft Office 365 to provision and manage cloud services from Microsoft automatically, whether a communications service provider or other solution provider associated with Microsoft.

Using Parallels Automation to deliver syndicated Office 365 lets customers:

  • Office 365 offer fast syndicated weeks instead of in the
    quarters required for the realization of a new development project
  • Having open APIs to integrate with existing OSS and BSS
  • Reduce your risk by partnering with the industry leader and strategic partner Microsoft
  • Easily create additional cloud service packages such as backup, security, domains and VPS

Key Capabilities

  • Integration Office 365 ready to use developed in collaboration with Microsoft
  • The fastest way to deploy Office 365 syndication
  • Ability to quickly provide future services Office 365 without encryption (eg Intune)
  • Parallels has years of experience in custom development with cloud providers
  • They can join or stay hundreds of ready to use cloud services .

Delivery of an integrated solution for offering new services

Parallels a Microsoft Global ISV Managed Partner and Gold Certified Partner , supports ordering, provisioning and billing of hundreds of cloud services, providing service providers, administrators and end users thousands of features that will help you have more time. Through our relationship with Microsoft for many years, we have created an integrated solution to help service providers to offer Office 365 extremely rapidly.

Our solution includes Parallels Automation software and integrated support for Microsoft Business Productivity Online Standard Suite. Using Parallels Automation allows you to create and deploy Office 365 packages quickly and reliably - and create new offers in just a matter of weeks.


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