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All Office projects include one or more generated classes that provide input your code point. These classes also provide access to the object model of the host application, as well as features such as actions panes and custom task panes.

Operation generated classes

In the draft document to Excel and Word level, the generated class looks like a top-level object in the object model of the application. d'un projet de document Word fournit les mêmes membres que la classe Microsoft.Office.Interop.Word . Document du modèle objet Word. For example, the generated class ThisDocument a Word Document project provides the same members as the class Microsoft.Office.Interop.Word.Document. Document Word Object Model. . For more information on the classes generated in document-level projects, see Programming Document-Level Customizations .

. The application-level projects provide a generated class called ThisAddIn. This class is like a class object model of the host application. Rather, it is the complement itself and provides members that you can use to access the object of the host application and other features available to complement model. . For more information, see Programming Application add-ins .

et Shutdown . All generated classes Office projects include event handlers Startup and Shutdown. To start writing code, you generally add this code to the event handlers. . To initialize your add-in, you can add code to the Startup event handler. . To clean up resources used by your add, you can add code to the Shutdown event handler. . For more information, see Events in Office Projects .

Access classes generated runtime

When an Office solution is loaded, the Visual Studio Tools for Office runtime instantiates each of the generated classes in your project. . You can access these objects from the code in your project using the Globals class. pour appeler le code de la classe ThisAddIn à partir d'un gestionnaire d'événements d'un bouton de ruban dans un complément d'application. For example, you can use the Globals class to call the code ThisAddIn class from an event handler to a ribbon button in an Application.

. For more information, see Global Access to Objects in Office Projects .

Considerations of the namespace in Office Solutions

Changing the namespace of the host item class in C # projects

, ThisWorkbook ou ThisDocument ) ont leurs propres espaces de noms dans les projets Office Visual C#. The host item classes (eg ThisAddIn, ThisWorkbook, or ThisDocument) have their own namespaces in Office Visual C # projects. By default, the namespace host items in your project is the project name you specified when creating it.

. To change the namespace of the host elements in a Visual C # Project Office, use the namespace of the host element property. . For more information, see Properties in Office Projects .


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