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Microsoft is joining a strong wave of 3D printing 12 shares hurricane soon - Market  August 29, 2013 – 00:26
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日前權威渠道披露,微軟已經正式宣布假如3D打印行列,這意味著產業大發展時代已經到來,相關概念股值得密切關注。 [China Securities Network Editor's note] authoritative sources recently disclosed, Microsoft has officially announced that if the ranks of 3D printing, which means that the time has come great development of industry, related stocks worthy of close attention.

Microsoft announced it has joined the wave of 3D printing

"CNNMoney" reported that Microsoft on June 26 at its annual Worldwide Developers Conference Build 2013, we announced Windows 8.1 operating system will support 3D printing.
In the Microsoft Developers Conference announced in the many, 3D printing, and consumers may not immediately resonate, but the PC manufacturers, designers, etc. is undoubtedly a great boon. If successfully launched, and that the world will be hundreds of millions of PC support 3D printing.
Although generally the 3D printer can be directly connected to a Windows system PC, but most of them require the user directly in the 3D printing applications design work, or take the time to put his work into 3D printing software compatible file format.
But Microsoft Windows 8.1 operating system will support 3D printing "plug and play" (Plug-and-Play) feature. Is basically a printer is connected to a PC, open the file list, and then the print out. And Microsoft will in this function, so with 3D printing and 3D printers.
Currently, there is not any one 3D printer manufacturers to support Windows 8.1 on a "plug and play" feature, but Microsoft estimates that officially come out when Windows 8.1, many 3D printer vendors will also stand to benefit.
Windows operating system is still the highest in the world, while Microsoft announced that it will support 3D printing, 3D printing is the same confirmation will be the future trend, and declare 3D printing will become more simple, more convenient to obtain. In addition, Microsoft will also be part of the retail shops and online stores selling the MakerBot Replicator received by the market of 2D, 3D printer.
Promote the development of embedded software and CAD Microsoft embedded systems, is based on the needs of the environment, the ordinary OS customization and streamlined, thus forming meet the needs of the application environment, a particular system. Microsoft embedded systems through customization and secondary development, to the greatest extent to meet customer needs, while at the security, reliability, maintainability and overall performance, has been well reflected. With the windows 7 OS into the embedded field, which for a variety of hardware compatibility, as well as the various hardware platforms portability, once again has been greatly improved.
Traditional embedded system devices are network phones, DVD players, GPS receivers, and printers. With the development of technology, more and more devices will become more "intelligent", the use of embedded systems are more and more devices, manage software requirements of these devices also will continue to increase. In June, Microsoft has confirmed that embedded Windows8.1 about landing ATM and other equipment. Windows 8.1 operating system supports 3D printing, the embedded software industry will bring greater development space.
In addition, 3D printer family of popular CAD industry will also bring boost. In fact, the use of plastic as the main raw material 3D printing technology, through a computer-aided design (CAD) program can really object to print out. By enhancing these types of plastics and composite formulations, the production system is not just a product model may also be used as everyday practical application.
Many CAD applications provide a variety of parts assembly simulation, the user can find out before manufacturing the most suitable model, download all the 3D printer materials supplied to the CAD database features, engineers can quickly programmed via simulation, check 3D Printed component or assembly operation state. In the manufacture of a product prototype before the guesswork out of the possible outcomes, but also to minimize material costs and installation time. For example, the CAD data uploaded to a USB or Bluetooth connection, 3D printer, which has first load specified by the manufacturer of the material, just a few minutes, it will print out your washing machine parts needed to repair it.
This week two, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has adopted a new Apple patent application, the patent document No. 8, 487, 889 can be achieved on a multi-touch CAD drawing software tools are described, the user can directly By more than one finger on the screen to achieve cartographic work.
For the traditional mouse and keyboard mapping method, users need to keep a variety of complex operation, and this patent you can allow users to use both hands directly on the screen, "painting" want to get content, while You can display various on-screen measurement tool, such as a ruler, protractor, compass, so that the operation more convenient. (China Securities Journal)


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By the numbers...

Damn 2400 character limit ;-)
Software costs in a corporate environment are insignificant. What *is* significant is support costs. You'd have a hard time demonstrating where maintaining two corporate OS is less expensive than maintaining one.
Server hardware, operation and maintenance is not free. Virtualized Windows under Linux still requires the corporation to support two operating systems. Software development is almost never less expensive than purchasing COTS. Security updates on both platforms are (or can be) automated so that's a wash. I've never seen a Microsoft OS upgrade break a mainstream COTS office automation application

True enough...

...cost of sustainment isn't the issue, it's cost of migration.
I'm in charge of tier 1 and 2 desktop support for a federal agency with a little better than 3,000 users. Hardware and software costs generally run about 15% of an IT budget; the biggest cost is and always will be personnel costs.
Right now for planning purposes we use four hours as the time required to migrate someone to a new platform - and that estimate has been proven to be fairly accurate. By the time you archive someone's data, reimage their PC, reinstall their applications and restore their data you've got a fair bit of time tied up in the thing

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