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PowerPoint Automation Service would like to use, you use the programming interface for sending a conversion request to the SharePoint Server 2013 server. For each request type conversion to convert the files and output format of the conversion contract. For some conversion needs, you can also specify what types of content is converted, including comments, hidden slides or document properties.

PowerPoint Automation Services uses asynchronous design method for sending and receiving conversion requests. So you can write code that will continue to run after a conversion request has been sent. You need to send notifications to users after a request has been completed for the conversion, you can specify a delegate that points to a callback function to run when the process is complete.

The following sections provide a limited list of classes that a conversion requirements are required to send and receive. enthalten. All these are included in the namespace Microsoft.Office.Server.PowerPoint.Conversion.

Request base class

-Klasse ist die grundlegende Klasse innerhalb des Microsoft.Office.Server.PowerPoint.Conversion -Namespace. The Request class is the basic class within the Microsoft.Office.Server.PowerPoint.Conversion namespace. – PresentationRequest , PictureRequest , PdfRequest und XpsRequest – es vererben. All other request types - PresentationRequest, Picture Request, PdfRequest and XpsRequest - bequeath.

In Table 1 Request base class member



-Methode BeginConvert (Microsoft.SharePoint.SPServiceContext, System.AsyncCallback, System.Object) method

Starts the conversion process. , gibt den Kontext der SharePoint-Website, in die Datei zu konvertierende gespeichert ist. The first parameter service context, is the context of the SharePoint site, is stored in the file to be converted. Stellvertreter an, die verweist auf eine Methode ausgeführt, wenn der Vorgang abgeschlossen ist. Use the parameter callback proxy that refers to a method is executed when the process is complete. -Parameter, wenn Sie zusätzliche Informationen aus den aufrufenden Code an die Rückrufmethode übergeben müssen. They use the state parameter if you need to pass additional information from the calling code to the callback method.

-Objekt zurück. Returns an IAsyncResult object returned.

-Methode EndConvert (IAsyncResult) method

Completed the conversion process. erwartet, dass das resultierende IAsyncResult -Objekt, das die entsprechenden BeginConvert -konvertierungsanfrage zurückgibt. The result parameter expects that the resulting IAsyncResult object that returns the corresponding BeginConvert Conversion request. aufgerufen wird, wird der aufrufende Thread blockiert, bis der Konvertierungsvorgang abgeschlossen ist. If the request is not completed EndConvert is called, the calling thread is blocked until the conversion process is complete.


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