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This article will tell you, select [Save once per minute automatic reply information] After check box, Microsoft Word how to establish and recover auto-reply (. Asd) files (in Word 7.x for "Auto Save") ( To locate this option, click [Tools] menu [Options], then click [Save] tab).

Note that "auto-reply" or "Auto Save" does not replace the [Save] command. You should periodically and at the end of the file using [Save] command to save the file. "Auto Recovery" can only be used for unexpected interrupts, such as a power outage or a crash. In the implementation schedule log off or shut down properly, it will not save AutoRecover files.

Setting. Asd file location

If you want to set. Asd location, follow these steps:


Note In Word 2007, follow these steps to open the [File Locations] dialog box:

  1. Click the [Microsoft Office Button], then click [Word Options].
  2. In the left pane, click [Advanced].
  3. In the right pane, click the [General] section of the [file location].
[File Type][AutoRecover files].

Note In Word 7.x, please click [Auto Save].

  • Click [Modify].
  • Enter your want Word to save the recovered files folder name.
  • If you need a new folder location, click [Create New Folder], enter the new folder name, click [OK], then click [OK] end.
  • Naming Conventions

    Word 7.x: Word automatically save a file naming convention for the ~ Wra # # # #. Asd, where # # # # is the Windows randomly generated numbers.

    Open the saved file

    NOTE: Because Word will avoid any existing. Bak file name conflicts, so # # # # numbers are not necessarily. Asd file with the same name.

  • Open all AutoRecover files.
  • When you perform any of the following, please delete the AutoRecover files (the "Save AutoRecover . Wbk" or the ~ Wra # # # #. Bak file):

    Save the recovered file.

    - Or -

    Close the recovered file without saving.
  • When renaming files

    Word found in the open file has corrupted. This part of the document may be able to reply. Try now recover it?

    Word does not rename your. Asd files automatically open. Bak file, so you must click [File] menu on the [Open] to manually open the file. 。 If you want to list all. Bak files, in [File Name] box, type ~ wra *. Bak.

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    • Microsoft Word 97 Standard Edition
    • Microsoft Word 95a

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    Microsoft Software Microsoft Works 8.0 - Old Version
    Software (Microsoft Software)
    • Essential productivity tools for the home PC
    • Word processor; spreadsheet; database; email/Internet tools
    • New dictionary tool with thesaurus; enhanced calendar
    • Share and edit documents with Microsoft Word and Excel users
    • View PowerPoint presentations; auto-save and document recovery

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    What version of Office/Word?

    Mac or PC?
    here's a few things that might help:
    It is often possible to recover word files from Auto-Save backup copies. Auto-Save files are used by programs such as Microsoft Word to recover word files in case of a crash. To view Auto-Save files, open the folder where your document was saved. Select Tools from the top menu and click on Folder Options. Under the View tab select the option to View Hidden Files and then click Ok. Auto-Save files often have the first letter replaced with the ~ or $ sign.

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    There's also an Outlook 2007/2003/2002 add-in from Microsoft called Personal Folders Backup that does just what it says. Follow these instructions from ..

    Microsoft Software Microsoft Office Basic 2007 Medialess License Kit for System Builders - 1 pack [LICENSE ONLY] [Old Version]
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    • Reliable and secure--junk email filter, anti-phishing tools, and auto document recovery
    • Time-management tools; Instant Search; to-do bar; RSS aggregator for Web content
    • Office Fluent user interface exposes commonly used commands; enhanced Help system
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