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Who can challenge Microsoft's office software cloud computing era? _? _ Technology Channel _ CDC  August 29, 2013 – 00:26

Who can challenge Microsoft's office software cloud computing era?

Google's strategy may be no confrontation with Microsoft

Smooth running Office - which is Microsoft's Tablet PC product surface made ​​its advertising terminology. Although the surface has been listed mediocre, but the design and appearance of steady still shows Microsoft Office2013 traditional office automation product manufacturers as entertainment rather than the way of thinking.

"Microsoft really willing to work hard, Office2013 document format, compared with the previous document format has changed again, rewrote the software equivalent." Li Yuqing, Shanghai a mobile office system service provider, CTO of the "China Sankei Shimbun" reporter said.

Today, computer users everyday use office suite Office applications are mostly standard edition of Microsoft Office word processing Word, spreadsheet Excel, Powerpoint PowerPoint and e-mail Outlook. In fact, since 1979, word processing and spreadsheets in a unique and significant improvement is the "WYSIWYG."

It is also on almost every PC are bound to use the office suite Office, Microsoft Office document formats make a "de facto standard." Because the core competitiveness of companies involved in Microsoft's Office software products still do not open the layout algorithm, and therefore never an other company Office products fully compatible with Microsoft's Office. In contrast, PDF document format in the early emergence and U.S. law firms for legal instruments to requirements relating to the same text printed on different computers and must be "in the sun two paper content seamless."

How to break the Microsoft Office file formats facto standard for the monopoly, the industry hopes Internet once after the rise of XML language, IBM and other large companies also formulated with the international standards. But no two companies use the same XML format. However, all this is with the cloud computing era and rewritten.

February 2010, President Obama signed the "remote office Promotion Law", requiring large-scale promotion of the project from a remote office, Google's online Apps cloud service offerings began to win the same grade corporate and government users of the contract, in accordance with each $ 50 per year, Google's pricing than the standard PC version of Office more attractive. Prior to this, the federal government needed annually for each PC on the Microsoft software products to pay $ 150 intellectual property royalties.


Microsoft Software Microsoft Word for MAC 6.01 Single User
Software (Microsoft Software)
  • Optimized for the Power MAC
  • Improved drag and drop editing, fully editable Print Preview
  • Improved Mail Merge, AutoText, AutoFormat, Wizards, Forms
  • Customizable toolbars, Vertical ruler and improved horizontal ruler
  • Revision marking, Drawing Features

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Office Automation

Is just what it sounds. Those things which AUTOMATE jobs in the office. Your resume should show this using action verbs and show a history, wihtout being vague....
Produced reports for yearly meetings of employees at Annual Convention.
Utilized Microsoft Word to write documents for daily correspondence, memos and blah blah blah.
Proficient in LexisNexis as required to research case histories for reports.
Hope this helps.

Microsoft automation

Means using macros/visual basic to carry out tasks.
All MS Office products can run vba scripts, and you can also tell one program to command another program to do something.
For example, running vba code in Access that will:
1) Start Excel
2) Go through all the records in a table
3) Insert data into a spreadsheet
4) Format the spreadsheet columns, borders, fonts, colors

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There's also an Outlook 2007/2003/2002 add-in from Microsoft called Personal Folders Backup that does just what it says. Follow these instructions from ..

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