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INSTRUCTIONS TO VOTERS IN LOCAL OR AUTOMATED VOTING IS Instructions for voters in areas where voting is automated

Voters are allowed to vote 8 to 15 hours.

However, any voter, 15-hours in the polling place or the waiting room is still allowed to vote.

The Belgian elector is allowed to vote for local councilors and provincial board members of sectors.

A-Comines Comines, it is also allowed to vote to elect members of the Council of Social Action.

Nationals of other members of the European Union and third-country nationals States have the right to vote only for local elections and elections of Sector Councils when they are provided with their letter of invitation

respectively indicating the letter " C "Or" E ".

Voters come to the entrance of the polling place wearing their letter of invitation and their identity card.

An elector who presents with a head covering for religious or medical reasons undeniable, must ensure, as on his identity card, that his face was completely clear, namely : Forehead, cheeks, eyes, nose and chin.

An elector who believes need to be accompanied into the voting booth and up to exercise their right to vote may submit a declaration to that effect with the mayor of his home later than 29 September 2012.

The voter concerned chooses its accompanying , But it must be itself voter.

A candidate can perform the function of accompanying with their spouse or legal cohabitant, or parent or ally who fixed his residence at his home, provided it itself voter.

A candidate may well assume this function with a relation or not having fixed his residence at his home as long as the relationship is established to the third degree.

The statement is written on a standard form is set free by the government and which is issued at the municipal secretariat. The statement says the elections for which it is valid, as well as names, dates of birth, addresses and voter accompanying and the identification number on the National Register of individuals of the voter.

The form is signed by the voter and the accompanying. The voter has the president of the polling station with his summons.

Secretary tip their name on a copy of the poll book.

The president or a designated assessor, checks the consistency of the sayings included on the second copy of the poll book with the words of the invitation letter and identity card.

If the voter is entitled to vote, his name is pointing to the copy also.

A voter who is not equipped with its letter of invitation can be allowed to vote if its identity and quality are recognized by the office.

In the absence of registration with voting, it is forbidden to take part in the vote if product is a decision of the municipal college or an extract from a judgment of the Court of Appeal ordered the registration process or a certificate of communal college certifying that the applicant is a qualified elector.

Voters who are not yet registered on the electoral register but who are entitled to vote by the board, have their name forward on both copies of the register.

Persons who provide proof of their Belgian nationality, and also meet other conditions of voters, are admitted to all the polls on presentation of supporting documents.

Despite the inscription on the register of electors, the office can not accept the vote voters whose municipal college or the Court of Appeal ordered the removal by a decision or judgment. An excerpt of this decision or that decision must be produced.


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Office Automation

Is just what it sounds. Those things which AUTOMATE jobs in the office. Your resume should show this using action verbs and show a history, wihtout being vague....
Produced reports for yearly meetings of employees at Annual Convention.
Utilized Microsoft Word to write documents for daily correspondence, memos and blah blah blah.
Proficient in LexisNexis as required to research case histories for reports.
Hope this helps.

Microsoft automation

Means using macros/visual basic to carry out tasks.
All MS Office products can run vba scripts, and you can also tell one program to command another program to do something.
For example, running vba code in Access that will:
1) Start Excel
2) Go through all the records in a table
3) Insert data into a spreadsheet
4) Format the spreadsheet columns, borders, fonts, colors

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