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DHS TANF Temporary Assistance for Needy Families  August 29, 2013 – 00:27
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Department of Human Services

Program Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) program is administered by the Department of Human Services Illinois. The program is for families with children and pregnant women who need temporary financial assistance. Those who receive TANF also receive medical assistance. Most families in TANF benefits also receive Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) to buy food.

Who Qualifies for TANF?

To qualify for TANF, you must:

  • Being pregnant or have a child under age 19 living with you. If the child is age 18, you should study in school full time. A pregnant woman with no children (and your spouse, if he lives with her) can get assistance;
  • Living in Illinois (if homeless, may qualify) and
  • Be a U.S. citizen or meet certain immigration requirements (ask your worker (a) on the requirements). If they qualify as citizens or immigrants but you do not, you may receive TANF only for their children.
  • Develop a Responsibility and Services Plan (RSP).
  • You do not qualify for TANF if you have been convicted of certain felonies, violated probation probation, refused to work or look for child support, withhold information necessary to determine eligibility, or has used five years of TANF benefits.

How to Apply

You can apply for TANF at your local Family Resource Center and Community (FCRC) of the Department of Human Services (IDHS). If you are homeless, go to the nearest office of FCRC. If you do not know where to go, call the automated hotline 24 hours, at 1-800-252-8635 (voice) or 1-800-447-6404 (TTY). You can talk to a representative Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:30 pm. (Except state holidays). You can also apply online at and choose "Order By Internet". You have the option to submit your application electronically, or print the application and mail or fax, or bring it to your office FCRC. The Internet site can tell you what FCRC provides services in your area.

You are asked to come to the office for an interview FCRC. In the interview, a worker (s) will ask questions and record your answers on a computer. Then the worker (a) print the application including their responses and ask you to sign. The worker (s) will ask to see proof of the information it provides, such as birth certificates of children (to check the relationship to you), Social Security cards of all pay stubs and proof of other income. There is a limit on the amount of money and possessions to qualify for TANF. Your worker (a) may ask other records to determine eligibility for assistance. If you need help getting these vouchers, your worker (s) can help you if you ask.


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Office Automation

Is just what it sounds. Those things which AUTOMATE jobs in the office. Your resume should show this using action verbs and show a history, wihtout being vague....
Produced reports for yearly meetings of employees at Annual Convention.
Utilized Microsoft Word to write documents for daily correspondence, memos and blah blah blah.
Proficient in LexisNexis as required to research case histories for reports.
Hope this helps.

Microsoft automation

Means using macros/visual basic to carry out tasks.
All MS Office products can run vba scripts, and you can also tell one program to command another program to do something.
For example, running vba code in Access that will:
1) Start Excel
2) Go through all the records in a table
3) Insert data into a spreadsheet
4) Format the spreadsheet columns, borders, fonts, colors

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