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58 entrepreneurs to join the network Introduction: In our side, you will find that there are many small software companies, they are at least a few people, as many as dozens of others. They desperately operates, and some continue to grow, and some are also weakening. But with the importance of SMEs to IT improvement in the level of small software companies will have more opportunities

Around us, you will find there are many small software companies, they at least a few people, as many as dozens of others. They desperately operates, and some continue to grow, and some are also weakening. But with the importance of SMEs to IT improvement in the level of small software companies will have more opportunities. Then these small software company how to seek their way out?

Product positioning can not be ignored

Some small software company in the development process without product positioning, always thinking as long as the software project will take, if you can not do it, it subcontracted to other companies. In fact, this idea is not much benefit to the company. Company must according to their ability and familiar environment to determine their core product, which is on its own to understand. Such as office automation project done before, very familiar with this side of the business, on the first efforts in this regard, unnecessary fashion, thinking about the implementation of ERP business. If personnel are mostly interested in the development on the WEB, it at construction sites, e-commerce to seek a way out.

Of course, early in the company to survive, to do some system integration can be, but the company's core business and secondary business should be clear. As the company grew, and gradually form their own core competitiveness. Companies must develop a technology development, business development, strategic planning, forge ahead towards this goal. The company bigger and stronger is certainly good, but in the early days can be well to survive in the competition perhaps some small software development company is the most important. The company's development plan is to conduct a detailed market and their own analysis of the results of thoughtful, particularly if there are no changes in the environment, we must hold on, do not do this today's software industry, software industry to do that tomorrow.

To strengthen the management level

When a small software company has only a few people, it does not exist any management, communication problems, there are some things, everyone will say it. With the increase in personnel when, management becomes very important. We understand their management situation, you'll find them in the management process has many problems. For example, the general software companies with less than 30 employees, mostly located two major sectors: technology, marketing, technical department is mainly responsible for the software design and development, marketing department is responsible for market development and services. But through a lot of project implementation can be seen, the two departments in the communication problems, it is easy to manage the implementation of the project has created a significant obstacle; addition to the Technical department personnel performance appraisal is generally made on a fixed wage, once the market staff wages higher than the developer, the technical personnel of the Department is likely to cause psychological imbalance. With the software company's development, the company will expand the scale of these issues become more prominent.


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A Curator
A Curator

Office Automation

Is just what it sounds. Those things which AUTOMATE jobs in the office. Your resume should show this using action verbs and show a history, wihtout being vague....
Produced reports for yearly meetings of employees at Annual Convention.
Utilized Microsoft Word to write documents for daily correspondence, memos and blah blah blah.
Proficient in LexisNexis as required to research case histories for reports.
Hope this helps.

Microsoft automation

Means using macros/visual basic to carry out tasks.
All MS Office products can run vba scripts, and you can also tell one program to command another program to do something.
For example, running vba code in Access that will:
1) Start Excel
2) Go through all the records in a table
3) Insert data into a spreadsheet
4) Format the spreadsheet columns, borders, fonts, colors

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