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The best free tools for your business: 1/gestion and office  August 29, 2013 – 00:24

OpenOffice 3 NOW - What management tools and office-or almost free-choose when you want to optimize costs or start a business thanks to web and cloud computing,software solutions are now available at prices beating all competition or free their access release.
The best free management and office tools for your company is the first in our series on free and essential solutions for companies.


OpenOffice : This suite office ,to install on your computer,allows for documents and presentations.A kind of free version of Microsoft Office available for Windows,Mac and Linux.

Office Web Apps : the online equivalent of Microsoft Office,available since September 2010 for French users Microsoft (Hotmail or Live) messaging.Free for individual "light" version and paying for business.

Google Apps : Following Google's online Gmail allows users to read,edit and share any office in contributory basis document.Evolution of ERP Other services: have a mini-site,an online diary,to make audio or video calls,or even "chat" with the option of instant translation into other languages.Launched in nearly four years,the paid version supports a collaborative and dynamic contribution,safely,at a cost of $ 40 annually per user.This is the solution all in one.


OpenERP : complete and OpenSource,this suite ERP originally named TinyERP-manages customer relations,sales,production,project management,etc.An application suite that runs on all environments (Windows,Mac and Linux).

ERP5 : free software integrated management platform based on the Zope and Python,including accounting,customer relationship management (CRM),purchasing,sales,inventory,product data (PDM),production (SCM ),logistics and human resources.

Edit: I added Dolibarr and SugarCRM ,advised by Mikael Plasse commented,as well as my network.


AceProject : This service project management online,which works in all major browsers (Internet Explorer,Firefox,Safari or Chrome) is free for the basic version,and no setup fee!The transition to paid package only done when your needs increase.

Pivotal Tracker : This tool for agile project management allows teams to collaborate.It integrates agile methods and was developed by a team that has managed hundreds of projects dimensioned.


Sky : the editor Ciel offers a free version of its management software for self-employed entrepreneurs.For Windows and Mac,it allows for estimates and invoices,holding the book of recipes and purchase ledger and quickly view your reports (CA,estimates and invoices in progress ...).

Freshbooks : available online,substantially equivalent to Heaven software,online service allows you to manage billing,free up to 3 clients per month .

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