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FERCHAU victories: engineering expertise for South Westphalia  August 29, 2013 – 00:25

Engineering expertise for South Westphalia

The High Sauerland district, the county and the districts of Olpe märkische, Siegen-Wittgenstein and Soest have joined together in 2007 to the region South. Through the merger, a region in which many world leaders from different industries was established. A rich field for the engineering professionals of the branch FERCHAU victories.

Employed at FERCHAU victories engineers, technicians and draftsmen to support customers in different technology sectors along the entire value chain. To their fields of activity include the project and quality management as well as design and analysis, software and hardware development, and production planning.

The range of industries itself extends from the special and heavy machinery on the plant (metallurgy, rolling mill equipment, HVAC equipment) to the machine and tool. The clientele of FERCHAU victories also includes well-known companies from the automotive sector, the electrical and automation systems, the IT sector and the aerospace industry.

The broad positioning in all industries and technical disciplines will also shape the future work of the office team, with internationally established big players as well as to customers include the classic middle class. All this speaks for a further extensive field of activity.

The office sees victories for the challenge. Finally, it has not only a high level of professional expertise on the important contacts and bonds in South Westphalia: "In the region there that you know your opponent and has built personal relationships count."

The Siegerlandmuseum in the Upper Castle. Even before 1224, the year of becoming a city of Siegen, a castle was built on the mountain victory. Today, the Upper Castle houses the collections of the winning country museum. More info:

The Rothaarsteig is a 154.8 km long and 2001 eröffneter trail on the ridge of the Rothaargebirge. More info:

Elspe Festival since 1989, the official name for the events taking place in the Sauerland place Elspe Karl May Festival. More info:

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Electrical Engineering and Automation

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Vehicle Technology

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Precision Engineering

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Mechanical engineering

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Projects and Quality

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