Office Automation Companies in Kerala

Thomas George Vadassery - Managing Director - Market Research  August 29, 2013 – 00:26
Integrated Marketing Services | Biometric Attendance Supplier

-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------- I am Thomas George, Managing Director of Research Dowell, a marketing research company from India

What we are giving to mankind through business is more important than the profits we have.

-------------------------------------------------- --------------------------


Skype call: thomas_george_dowell
Yahoo call: thomasgvadassery
MSN call: dowell_india

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Sixteen years experience in field management In Which ten years as Managing Director of Dowell Research, a full service marketing research and consulting firm, and six years in industrial construction projects.
-------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------


April 1995 to date

Managing Director
D'Well Informatics & Services Pvt. Ltd.
H-10, Kasthurba nagar
Cochin-682020, Kerala, India

Nature of Responsibility
Managing activities of the company having business in overseas and domestic marketing research, management consulting, software development, etc. The company is having four directors, five managers, twenty five staffs and a semi-permanent team of field data collectors and offices at New Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore and Cochin.

Jobs Executed
From concept generation and requirement planning to documentation of various marketing research projects in mobile communication products and services, entertainment media and sports, Healthcare and Insurance, Pharmaceuticals, Education, Information technology products and services, Automobiles, Newspapers and publications, office automation equipments, FMCG , consumer durables, Natural products, Agricultural Products, Cottage Industries, Textiles, Non-conventional energy
equipments and services, engineering machines, projects and industries for domestic and overseas clients

Sept. 1992 - March 1995

Manager (Projects)
Palm Fibre Gover Horowitz Pvt. Ltd.
Kochi - 682001, Kerala, India

Nature of Responsibility
Managed technical and project activities of the company, including product development, contracts, purchase, labor relations, design & erections, acquiring Govt. licenses, etc.


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Stock option shell game investigated

Fallout over the way stock options were handed out to some electronics industry managers reached new heights recently, with the news that Vitesse Semiconductor Corp. was being investigated by both the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the U.S. Attorney's Office. Vitesse—which earlier dismissed its CEO and two lieutenants—could be delisted from the Nasdaq exchange as an indirect consequence of internal investigations into the options issue.
Two other prominent technology companies, Altera and Brooks Automation, also face the prospect of delisting.
Stock options have come under intense scrutiny of late

One manufacturing job creates 15 jobs

Every computer-manufacturing job in California creates 15 jobs outside the factory. Close a manufacturing plant, and a supply chain of producers disappears with it. Dozens of companies get hurt: those supplying computer-aided design and business software; automation and robotics equipment, packaging, office equipment and supplies; telecommunications services; energy and water utilities; research and development, marketing and sales support; and building and equipment maintenance and janitorial services. The burden spreads to local restaurants, cultural establishments, shopping outlets, and then to the tax base that supports police, firemen, schoolteachers, and libraries

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And I'm not talking about server-tests
Siemens' New Game Strategy
The German engineering giant's video-game-based modeling tool will allow companies to design factory equipment in a fraction of the time
by Reena Jana
Rich McDaniel, a research scientist at Siemens Corporate Research's Automation & Control Div., is in the middle of a presentation. The images projected onto the screen look like a cartoon version of a bottle factory: Curvy, lime-green containers waltz dizzily around geometric rotating purple and green cylinders

Businesses need to be able to make money and

In order to sell products and services, they need for people to try their products or services, so they have coupons or promotions, or whatever scheme to entice people to try their products.
the problem is that manufactures of quality products are competing with manufacturers of crap.
crap can be made by huge multinational companies for very little money. most of the expense of crap manufacturers is marketing, the base materials cost almost nothing, and they have heavy automation so they have less hours of labor per load of products.
good stuff is made by smaller companies in smaller batches where the cost of food, labor and packaging is most of the expense

New US Jobs Disproportionately Low-Paying, Part-Time  — CBS Local
By contrast, most lower-paying jobs — from waiters and hotel maids to store clerks, bartenders and home health care aides — can't be automated or shipped abroad. “You're always going to have jobs in the retail sector,” says Michael Evangelist, a ..

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Passion trumps intellect.
Passion trumps intellect.
We Agree: Science Is Cool
We Agree: Science Is Cool
Boy has a hard time taking off his girlfriend
Boy has a hard time taking off his girlfriend
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Book (Tsinghua University Press)

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