Office Automation Companies in Qatar

Eleven companies seeking contracts Reggio doc - Chronicle  August 29, 2013 – 08:49

At stake are more than 22 billion dollars to be allocated for new orders in view of the World Cup in 2022 will account for expenditure of 100 billion

REGGIO. They were sixteen, of which eleven Reggio Emilia, Emilia-Romagna companies that took part in the tenth edition of Project Qatar, the fair construction, building materials and systems automation, held at the Exhibition Center in Doha, the capital of a tiny, wealthy Arab emirate. There were Cmr the construction of Reggiolo, the Alubel of Bagnolo, Comall International, Erredilift Engineering and Preston & Barbieri of Reggio, Decor Union 2000 Castellarano, Fasma Parma, meeting Range Bibbiano, Foster Brescello, Marmiroli Cadelbosco and Rovan pumps Fabbrico. It 'been a fruitful and encouraging participation, which has paved the way business is vital in the current situation of serious crisis. In fact, while in Italy the construction industry languishes, the construction sector in Qatar is in full bloom. Many sites are open and many others will open thanks to the FIFA World Cup, which will be held in Qatar in 2022. At stake are more than 22 billion dollars to be allocated for the new contracts. For projects already in progress on the Doha government has allocated more than 250 billion, of which 34% dedicated to infrastructure. For the World Cup is planned to spend a hundred billion. In two years will increase by 92% the offer of high towers put to commercial offices. Are provided for new sales areas for a total of 197 thousand square meters. It 'a colossal plan in terms of both quantity and quality. The vast availability of oil (gasoline costs 20 cents per liter) makes it possible to carry out projects unthinkable in any other part of the world.

Currently the emirate has one million inhabitants, of which 700 thousand immigrants from Arab countries, India, Pakistan and Eastern Europe. Very few Italians. It is expected that within seven years the population will grow to four million residents. So you will have to build everything from homes to hospitals, for which the government plans to spend 87 billion. Now Qatar has two-stage air-conditioned, with a temperature of 25 degrees when the outside there are 50. By 2022 it will be built with a capacity of 22 20-30 thousand spectators. As in the nearby Dubai, was created a luxurious residential neighborhood called La Perla, on an artificial island. The malls are gorgeous. There is a shopping center with 420 shops, a Carrefour from 14 thousand square meters. Made in Italy is concentrated in the shops of the Village, the Milanese and Venetian-style furnishings and lapped by a canal crossed by gondolas. It 'a driving force for the orders to our companies, which will hopefully win up to a third of the planned work.

Luciano Salsi

June 6, 2013


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