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Schwelling machine (HSM GmbH + Co. KG) is a German, family owned company, in the areas of environmental technology and office equipment mainly balers , shredders and cutting machinery manufactures.

Founder, owner and CEO is Schwelling. In addition, Irene Dengler and CEO Matthias Wochner are more.

[ Bearbeiten ] Manufacturing facilities [ Edit ]

In Germany, the company produces in Salem balers, files and records destruction facilities. The premises in Salem is about 50, 000 square meters, of which 15, 000 m² factory buildings and office buildings. The last expansion took place here in 2007. In Plant 2 in Reichenbach im Vogtland balers are manufactured. The terrain here includes 40, 000 m² of which 8, 500 m² production facilities and office buildings. Also in Reichenbach, the last expansion of the production took place in 2007. Plant 3 is in Frickingen . Here shredders (smaller models) can be produced. 19, 000 sqm factory site, including around 7, 700 m² production facilities and office buildings are on the premises, was last extended the work Frickingen, 2005.

[ Bearbeiten ] Means of production [ Edit ]

The company claims to have a modern machine park, a high production depth , mostly CNC -controlled machinery and CNC laser cutting machines, quality testing facilities and quality assurance systems . The number of employees is inclusive of all sales offices, subsidiaries, and trainees at about 640 55% of its sales in business office technology, 45% in the field of environmental technology. The export share is 70%. Average 10% of revenues are reinvested each year.

The domestic sales of products over ten proprietary consulting and sales office is organized. The company exported worldwide, mainly via independent importers in each country. Sales offices abroad are in Paris , Barcelona , Doetinchem , Bunschoten , Vienna and Pescara . Schwelling engineering has subsidiaries in the UK ( Staffordshire ), the U.S. ( West Chester , Pennsylvania), Poland ( Warsaw ) and France ( Lyon ).

1971 after completing his training as an industrial mechanic Schwelling began in the basement of his house in Rickenbach with the production of machine parts for industrial companies. After attending the Hannover Messe , he decided to develop his own baler. This news, which SR6, was successfully presented at the Hannover Messe 1973. A year later, ten people were already engaged in the development, production and marketing of baling presses HSM. In 1975 the company moved to due to the increased space required to Salem. Six years later the expansion of its product portfolio to include paper shredders, which were then marketed until 1986 under the name Tempo under HSM. HSM 1983, before the first fully automatic baler. 1991 with the fall of the wall there were also new opportunities for HSM, with the acquisition of the "efficiency measures Reichenbach" was a new production facility for Balers in Reichenbach. At the same time the distribution was expanded strongly, especially in Asia. 1993 originated sales offices in the Netherlands and in France, 1996, the new production facility for paper shredders in Frickingen was established. 1997 and 1998 were sales offices in Willenhall near Birmingham and Rochester (Kent) , at the same time created the HSM of America, a U.S. subsidiary. 2002 was certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2000. A year later, the HSM cutting machines 2004 Vertical baling presses HSM V-Press series have been introduced. The plant in Kosice / Slovakia was created in 2005. The following year it came to market the patented PET ( polyethylene terephthalate ) crusher technology for disposable containers and 2007 for the launch of the HSM digital shredders (machines) and the shredder series SECURIO.


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