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Couple creates inexpensive software to help blind people to use the web: Without Barriers  November 12, 2012 – 00:00

Fernando Botelho apresenta o software f123 Couple creates inexpensive software to help blind people to use the web 12 - Nov | no comments | Category:, ,

Fernando Botelho introduces software F123

With a flash drive,a visually impaired can use the computer and surf the internet.Everything is done by software that reads the content available on the monitor screen.The invention is the couple Paraná Fernando Botelho and Flavia Paula,who launched the product - called F123 (read more ) - two years ago and is preparing to release an update to the market in September."I think there is a lot of talent among the blind,which is not normally expressed,because people do not have the technology they need, " said Fernando.

The screen reader is not exactly a novelty in the field of computing.There are prototypes of such a program since the late 1980s.The operation is very simple: the software presents a synthesized voice that reads the texts present in browsers,websites and emails to the user - to use only the keyboard to indicate what they want to read.

This type of program is available in the market at a high price,inaccessible to most visually impaired.The design company Botelho - also named F123 - is to perform the same feat while delivering fire of Prometheus to the Greeks and the technology available to everyone.


The first step was to reduce the costs.According Flavia de Paula,"the traditional solution costs $ 2, 500,while our solution,which includes everything costs 150 dollars."Fernando Botelho said that it was useless to lower the cost by 10%,20% or 50%,"we had to reduce by ten times."He says that the high cost limits the number of people who have access to technology."You have great foundations doing projects that help 20,30 people a year.It is absurd. "Flavia complements,stating that the low value of F123 allows governments and NGOs can help people and help more people."We do not need more technology,we need appropriate technology,cheaper, " said Fernando.

The second was offering training courses and take the F123 for digital inclusion projects for the visually impaired."We sell flash drives for various centers accessibility.The idea is to reach an audience that can not afford expensive to have a screen reader on the computer,"says Fernando.One of the graduate students in the course,Cleverton Barros says that the high cost of software for screen reading has always been a disincentive for companies to hire,despite his great resume and professional experience.For him,the F123,besides being much cheaper,it's much easier to be used by software to be free and be constantly updated.After the course,he says that he was invited by several companies to provide training to their employees in the F123 and also to work on them.

The initiative led to Fernando Botelho almost every continent. On the office wall of your house,there is a map with more than 30 countries marked."We sell a lot to Zambia.It is our main buyer so far.There were over 100 licenses sold "account.

Fernando and Flavia in outreach event software F123

Fernando e Flávia em evento de divulgação do software f123


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