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Hyderabad Technology City Full name Hyderabad HITEC City (HITEC City), is L & T Infocity designed to promote technical standards, implementation of the city. The city covers an area of 61 hectares at a cost of 300 million $ 75 million, is an independent business district, Hyderabad training talents. Andhra Pradesh government will Hyderabad Technology City 20 hectares of Cyberabad periphery of the city as a base facilities.

Hyderabad Technology City is divided into the following sections:

Network Technology City Tower is the first phase, completed in November 1998. Today, there are many large companies, such as: Microsoft, Oracle, General Electric, and Capitoly here to set up overseas R & D centers or customer service center.

The tower is divided into four fan network, the center is a giant fountain. To avoid visitors forget which one should go to the building, the lobby receptionist will assist visitors to the right place. Another resident hall also has several banks, ATM, guide services, bookstores, gift shop, snack bar and the world's new Windows (NEW Windows of the World) restaurant. After one day tired after the evening staff to the hall to a relaxing moment, you can re-enter the work after charging. This is the nearest station from Hyderabad station is 4 km away.

The Road Network Technology City Phase II, provided all the equipment required for the network of the tower. Reason of its name from the arch in the building before the Science City is the gateway to the rest of the channel. Here there are 866, 000 square feet (80, 500 square meters) of office space, extending wide 8 acres (32, 000 square meters) of ground glass decoration, signs gardens and luxurious waiting room.

The road network specifically for technology services and business process outsourcing and design with sophisticated communications and power facilities. Many large enterprises in the building with overseas operations centers, such as Dell Computer, General Electric, Capitol Records. The first home in the presence here of the company is a Microsoft computer, quickly Oracle and other companies owned by the peak comes. These companies in terms of scale and operating on both continue to grow, and then build their own center.

Network to the sleek and spacious. The first large-scale outdoor area near the plaza. Here the use of specialized IT staff to relieve fatigue after work. Several small fountains scattered throughout, making people shot in order to relieve the tension, the other near the clock is also home cafeteria.

Pearl of the network, it is a city of the third period, on October 13, 2004 completed, covering a one million square feet (9, 000 square meters) or more. This is LTIAL (L & T Corporation and Singapore real estate Asecndas JV) to build the first case, but also Asecndas in Hyderabad's first investment project.

There is a little gossip, the network of networks known as Pearl Island terribly original, but because Hyderabad is famous known for pearls, so the final network beads still win.

Pearl of the current network, 80% of companies have entered the space, including:

  • HSBC
  • Genomics
  • Nipuna (business process outsourcing founding company)

Hyderabad International Trade Fair Ltd. (HITEX) is India's newest and most advanced international exhibition, conference centers, trade fairs and industry news, led by the German-born architect design concepts. January 14, 2003, respectively, by the Prime Minister Arun Shourie and Andhra Pradesh Andhra Pradesh local leaders presided Expo, the trade office inauguration.


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