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Quest Software allows compatibility, automation and application virtualization to reduce the time, cost and risk of migration.

Quest Software, now part of Dell, enables companies to eliminate barriers associated with migration Windows 7/8 by identifying the basic rules for optimizing the passage and at the same time reduce the costs and risks for the company. Often, companies underestimate the major obstacles caused by compatibility issues between Windows applications determined by migration, which may imply a long and laborious manual processes. While every company, regardless of its size, must deal with different variables that can affect migration, there are some basic rules for the preparation, planning, organization and implementation of these processes. As a leader in the application compatibility and as a trusted partner in migration Windows 7/8, Quest has been able to leverage its extensive experience in the industry worldwide and has developed 10 rules to avoid unnecessary risks and costs of doing leverages the best performance in terms of application compatibility, virtualization and automation.

Ten rules to optimize the migration Windows 7/8:
1. Plan Your Migration - review and assess the project to have a clear understanding of the costs, resources and time required.
2. Rationalize the list of applications - withdraw and old versions are not compatible and optimize where possible, allows the IT department to avoid impego of resources in unnecessary migrations
3. Do not forget the "unmanaged applications" - could be the silent killers of any migration.
4. Assess the compatibility of the applications as soon as possible; accurate results help to ensure that decisions relating to the rationalization are solid.
5. Automate wherever possible - do not take it for granted that all stages of the migration will be completed in one simple move. Automation is the only way to ensure that the steps are repeated consistent, in order to save up to 50% of the time and cost required by the migration.
6. Do not neglect your Web applications - an increasing number of mission-critical Web applications depends Because Windows includes Internet Explorer, the successful migrations require the timely resolution of problems relating to Web-based applications.
7. Assessing the automated applications in the existing package of services so that new applications are transferred during migration, significantly improving the user experience and saving budget and then weeks or months working on migration project.
8. Virtualize applications - applications accessible are also portable, so in the current working environment remote and mobile applications should be virtualized to ensure their availability when and where users need it.
9. Be prepared for multiple structural changes - you need to be aware that, with the progress of the migration project, the structure of Windows will change. This allows a greater agility and responsibility to the change, which results in faster migration and linear.
10. Having a plan on how to complete the User Acceptance Testing (UAT) - make desktop virtualization expedites and optimizes the user acceptance testing, which results in more satisfied users and IT organizations.

Exploiting the evaluation and automation of application compatibility to reduce the time and cost of migration
• Add automation and an extensive platform support will allow companies to adopt an effective technology that allows them to transform virtually endless cycles of change in new development opportunities and best business opportunities.


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