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Software Distribution Analyst (SCCM / Tivoli)  April 9, 2013 – 00:00
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Peter Leonard

URGENT: Please read the job description below. If this Interests you, please send a MS-Word version copy of your updated resume (ASAP) along with your salary expectations, first time available and a phone contact number: E-mail to

Please put the job title as your subject line:

The recruiter in charge of this role is Piritheep

AFTER You have Submitted your summary via e-mail (when You have a moment) please apply online to match your resume to the job with following link:

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This is a 6 month contract position with a strong possibility of extension.

Job Description

Software Distribution Support:

• Software Distribution is 24/7
• adhered to change management
• Volumes are based tool and network capabilities
• Non-intrusive to customer (after hours or silent install) 100% Success expectation

Tools & Skills:
-Experience with SCCM Software Distribution
-Experience with Tivoli Software Distribution
-Experience with Novel / Zenworks Software Distribution
-Understanding of technical automation, ie Scripts and scheduling, checks and balances
-Problem Determination
-Office Productivity Tools & Outlook email
-Strong Technical Background

Skills / Knowledge Required:
-Strong documentation and analysis skills.
-Experience gathering and Documenting business and technical requirements.
-Ability to learn / grasp technical concepts
-Familiarity with the CLIENT workstation technical environment.
-Senior experience gathering requirements and Documenting
-Past experience requirements Delivering Within tight time constraints

Candidates must have:
-Experience with SCCM Software Distribution
-Experience with Tivoli Software Distribution



Short-listing Questions

Able to work on-call, off-hours and occasionally on weekends? *


Any upcoming vacation plans?


This candidate is required to give notice - Please elaborate in the comment section



Communication skills *

5 (Expert) of 5 (Expert)


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