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Montreal: Job Offer / Job  November 11, 2010 – 00:00
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I work for a video game company QA Where We do localization on games and They Are Trying to hire a Localization Engineer. I would apply myself purpose I do not have the qualifications. Maybe someone here does. I do not know anything more, so I can not answer your question very much. An English post follows ***


To support the growth of our business in Montreal, we are looking for an engineer to the location to join our team. This is a permanent position.
The job description is attached.

Feel free to send your resume with a cover letter, motivating your application with a detailed description of your experience and qualifications for the position in question. Send your application to the following address: by Thursday 25 November 2010 at 16:00 hrs. In the subject line write: Engineer the location - Referred by Melanie Major.

Title: Engineer at the location
Role: Technical Delivery of translation projects
Service: QA Consoles and PC
Location: Babel Games Services, Montreal
Reports to: Director of Translation (Montreal)

The company

Babel is the leading global provider of specialized services for the gaming and interactive entertainment. Founded in 1999, the company is part of Quattro Group, which brings global scale and a strong financial footing.

We are located in Brighton, New Delhi and Montreal and have sales offices in Tokyo and Los Angeles. These sites have more than 250 full-time employees supported by 350 QA testers contract, more than 400 translators working in their countries and a global network of audio recording studios. The Montreal office opened its doors in August 2005.

Babel provides location services for its customers in the gaming industry projects are generally multilingual translations of large-scale games including supporting documentation such as web sites, help texts, instruction manuals, etc.. We prefer to use the SDLX translation memory to perform the management of the quality and effectiveness of our clients' projects.

Job Description:

The position is to perform the technical delivery of projects according to the highest standards of quality, taking into account the timeframe and budget set out in the agreement between the project manager and the client. You will achieve these objectives by evaluating, planning and implementing so careful tools and processes more efficient to carry out the technical execution of the project.

You will work together with the head of pre-production, the project manager and coordinator of the translation and you will be responsible for tasks such as converting file format starting to editable formats can be used with the memories and tools for computer-aided translation (CAT). You will act as chief technologist for our translation projects and will recommend tools and technologies that will improve the productivity and efficiency of project delivery. You have experience, initiative with a path in the implementation of tools and processes that improve quality and productivity.

Main responsibilities:
• Conduct analyzes production by counting files, words and non-transferable content (graphics, links, etc..).
• Work closely with the development team of our clients and the internal team of pre-production to complete outsourcing as well as activate suspicious code.
• Automate the process of locating, improve infrastructure and make recommendations on technology acquisition
• Manage the translation memory, glossary, style guide, including updates and account management words.
• Create and inform our engineering teams for projects with broad spectrum with specific requests.
• Prepare the production environment (set location) ensuring that all files, papers and work instructions are available in the appropriate format and preparing the physical and software and working procedures resources.
• Perform required for localization projects engineering tasks using standard tools and process industry (SDLX and other TM / CAT technology).
• Post-processing and validation of translated externally to ensure technical accuracy before delivery segments.
• Investigation and resolution of complex problems.
• Provide support and training for CAT translators, editors, project managers, etc..

Human Aspects in Office Automation
Book (Elsevier Science Ltd)

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OK...facts as I know them

I have a BS in Accounting and have worked in the field for 20 years. There are many different areas of accounting. Many "accounting" jobs don't really require much in the way of accounting knowledge, these are usually at the bookkeeper level. Everybody seems to want you to know how to use Quickbooks. Since it is designed for non-accountants, almost anybody can learn it. In fact, despite the fact that I have 20 years experience with other, much more complicated software I can't find a job in a smaller company because I don't have Quickbooks experience. Taking classes might help, but I've done that

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