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Management Magazine USP, São Paulo, vol.12, n.3, p.1-9, July / September 2005

Almiralva Gomes Ferraz

Master in Business Administration from the Federal University of Bahia - UFBa

Assistant Professor, State University of Southwest Bahia - UESB


Received on: 03/03/2005

Approved on: 18/07/2005


This work is of importance because the universe of productive labor is historically

associated with men and just recently some investigations have shown interest in

gender studies.Due to the complexity of the theme "gender in organizations", this work will only be

possible to present a brief review and some thoughts on the subject.The text aims to analyze,

Briefly, women and their relationships in the workplace.But, even before dealing with the relationship of

woman with the world of work, it is relevant to make a brief review of the world of work itself and

women's work today.Then it discusses the implementation of an own business as

alternative occupation not only labor, but also for professional development, and point up some data

characterized that the management female part, according to some researchers contemporaries.By

Finally, the discussion concludes pointing out the need for a theoretical study that enables the

maturation of future discussions.

Keywords: World of Work, Woman businesswoman, female management.



Productive work is historically associated with men and only recently some investigations have

Demonstrated interest in gender studies. However, due to the complexity of the subject of gender in the

organizations, only a brief review of the literature que Orients the thinking on the subject Could be presented.

Initially a concise retrospective on the work of the universe itself was presented prior to an analysis of

Their current relationships and women in this universe. The initiative of undertaking a self-owned business

was then discussed, not only the work of an alternative activity but as a professional achievement as well.

Some information of contemporary Researchers que partially characterizes management by women was

cited. Concludes the discussion in depth que Further theoretical work is Necessary to foster more mature

future research.

Key words: Universe of work, business woman, Management.

Almiralva Gomes Ferraz

Management Magazine USP, São Paulo, vol.12, n.3, p.1-9, July / September 2005





People are strongly influenced in

some point in the life cycle, the idea

gain a secure job.Some in

1960s and 1970s, aspired to work in

a large company

state, or private

multinational.Those who had the opportunity

attending a college course certainly

prepared to take a technical function or

management within a company provided

employed.Little or no emphasis - or

stimulus - was given to mentoring students

to consider the option of creating a

own business.Thus, it is natural to have a

strong conditioning of our cultural environment for

Consider, first, the "job hunt

insurance. "

In Brazil and other countries of the world, from

the early 1980s, this reality

began to change when the scientific and

technology has given rise to new techniques, processes and

methods, which are now used by

large companies with some intensity.The

Automation of offices and processes


Human Aspects in Office Automation
Book (Elsevier Science Ltd)

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A little resume help, please....

I have a couple of ideas how to improve my resume but wanted to run it past anyone who cares to respond here. I am working doing some temp work now (as you can see, as a admin. assistant.) And as you can see my history is pretty low level IT crap. Anyhow, I need better wording, probably a skills section...(Which is pretty limited to, uh, PC, MS Office.)
Name, etc
Work Experience
Administrative Assistant, XXXXXXX Company (Temporary Staffers for YOU!), City, CA
-Provide administrative support and perform various office duties.
Data Conversion Operator/Casual, US Postal Service, City, ST (not CA)
2001 to 2002

OK...facts as I know them

I have a BS in Accounting and have worked in the field for 20 years. There are many different areas of accounting. Many "accounting" jobs don't really require much in the way of accounting knowledge, these are usually at the bookkeeper level. Everybody seems to want you to know how to use Quickbooks. Since it is designed for non-accountants, almost anybody can learn it. In fact, despite the fact that I have 20 years experience with other, much more complicated software I can't find a job in a smaller company because I don't have Quickbooks experience. Taking classes might help, but I've done that

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