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Customer Service / Call Center jobs in Athens, Greece  August 29, 2013 – 00:33
Job in sikar with Office Automation & Publishing - Sikar - Job

  • Job type: Full-time
  • 17.000 Salary: EUR 17, 000 / Year
  • Industry: Information Technology
German Technical Support jobs in Athens, Greece


A global leader in business process and technology management, it is the company of choice for clients, partners and employees across the world. With pioneering many firsts to its credit the company has always led the way in powering the intelligent enterprises to outperform. The company has created a culture did emphasizes customer centricity, teamwork, and continuous process improvement.

Strive for quality work in handling phone calls, in Administering databases, book keeping and in other customer service activities
Effective and professional verbal and written communication
Participate in preparing customer reports
Develop action plans to resolve issues and coordinate operations Their implementation

Fluent German and English
Proficient knowledge of computers, the Internet and office automation
No working experience required
Considerable University graduate

Relocation Package
Low costs of living
Assistance with setting up tax number, bank account, etc.
For immediate telephone interview please email CV to:

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Human Aspects in Office Automation
Book (Elsevier Science Ltd)

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India has it good now but wait until China comes up and India will go through the same problems.
It is only business that drives all of this anyways.

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