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DESIGN OFFICE TECHNICIAN - AUTOMATION / CONTROL 1018578 | Jobs in Belgium | Hays  August 29, 2013 – 00:25
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Bachelor in Electromechanical / automation-regulation
First experience in engineering or Maintenance

Our client is an international company active in the development and production of HVAC solutions. Solutions with high technical added value are used by a wide range of consultants and installers in Belgium. To support the continued growth of business, we are looking for a technician profile design office automation-regulation.

You are directly integrated into the Engineering department within the team power / control. Your mission is to manage the automation part / control products designed: to analyze the pattern P & ID installation, determine the proper equipment to control (frequency converters, temperature sensors / pressure / humidity, valves ...), designing the electrical diagrams on the project, define and implement plans of electrical cabinets under, make or adapt the PLC programming, monitoring during the integration of components, perform the test unit at the factory before delivery.

Training Bachelor in Electromechanical, you have extensive electrical, programming and control knowledge. You are able to program Siemens PLC (S7, Climatix, ...) and use the ePlan software. You are experienced in the design of electrical panels. Good knowledge of English (spoken and written) is a plus. You are able to work as a team and show a good sense of organization. You are thorough in your work and present an excellent initiative.


GAO: NARA not doing its job.(UP FRONT: News, Trends & Analysis)(Government Accountability Office and National Archives and Records Administration ): An article from: Information Management Journal
Book (Association of Records Managers & Administrators (ARMA))

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