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Matrix cloud operational headquarters

New companies,non-profit organization (NPO),online auction industry,individual workers and teams,SMEs

Provide you with the information you need urgent application solutions

  • 1 provides the information you need service,to accompany your organization thrive together.
  • (2) contains the customer (member) information management,instant messaging and mobile devices integration,postal and invoice management,office automation and remote collaboration,education and training,shipping management,revenue and expenditure management reports ... etc.,and according to your needs extensions.
  • 3 System screen intuitive and easy to operate,bid quickly,immediately after the opening of on-line account to use,there is a wealth of video tutorials,do not increase your use of distress.
  • 4 only need a computer or a laptop,or even a tablet can be used anywhere.
  • 5 does not let you spend big money,we have provided with the rent with the use of information technology operations headquarters,we hope to work with you to grow profits.

We know that:
We contacted SMEs,start-ups,non-profit organizations for many years,we know:

  • New companies is very hard,not sure when it would begin to profit,hard time if only one person working on it.
  • SMEs are competitive,in the face of globalization pressures and challenges,now a dime comes easy.
  • Nonprofit organizations have passion and mission,every donation efforts are dedicated households must spend where it is needed,too cherish.
  • Racquet or individual worker freedom-loving,cherished dreams,hopes that through information tools both operational and life,do not want to spend time on pointless things.

Therefore,we provide you with:
Based on Microsoft's Azure cloud platform,through our excellent design and superior technical capabilities to provide you all kinds of information required on operational applications and software,including:

  • Customers and list management,SMS or instant messaging integration,customers (members) and consumer visits recorded history ... all sorts of information at a glance,without omission.
  • Various forms and easy to use assignment,management and reminders,so you no longer assigned to work with a variety of trivial progress worried.
  • Donations or various revenue and expenditure management,to help you generate the required monthly reports and analysis of operating conditions,diversification of devotion donation receipt printing.
  • Help you import online payment mechanism,but also provide you with free website and management background,create more business opportunities.
  • Shipping and product management,to help you easily get shipping process,the post office postal state dynamic queries,so that customers can always know shipment status.
  • Cloud office automation mechanism,calendar,venue bookings,business card,work management,filing ... We offer a full range of EIP module.
  • Meetings and events management,so that your classes,classes can easily get the job.
  • Management training videos,so you do not spend time repeating each partner or employee training.
  • There are many important functions,waiting for you to explore and experience ...


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University of Michigan Library Treasury automation: Automated auction system may not achieve benefits or operate properly : report to the Secretary of the Treasury
Book (University of Michigan Library)

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