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Business automation is the application of methods and tools for automating business processes, that is, mechanize and streamline manual processes, achieving full efficiency.

The integration between man and machine combined management, seeks to reduce hand labor and expenses, as well as management and operational control over a trade. With automation, error-prone tasks, such as typing and calculation of prices, quantities, writing a check, issuance of invoice; become safer and more efficient. Improving employees' work and customer service.

The process of Commercial Automation in Brazil is occurring at a very fast pace and it is inevitable. First, due to the economic recession, which generates the need to reduce costs, boost productivity and profit. And also the need of the Board Administrator Federal Taxes ( IRS ) to combat evasion and ensure proper storage room. 1

[ editar ] Evolution of Tax Equipment [ edit ]

In 1878, the first was invented Cash Register, by James and John Ritty in the United States. For control of the receipts of sales. Later came the Electronic Cash Registers (CRE) that does not stop evolving to the current Point of Sale ( POS ). Starting in 1986, were the first Tax Covenants that officiated the use of equipment Emitting Tax Receipt ( ECF ). So far there are three types:

  • ECF-MR: Machine Registradora
  • ECF-POS: Point of Sale terminal
  • ECF-IF: Printer tax 2

[ editar ] Information Systems [ edit ]

  • Information Systems Commercial negotiation or seek essential information store and query such as: products, services, customers, suppliers, vendors, representatives, etc.; unify or integrate work tools (purchases, sales, inventory control and billing), generate reports concerning previous transactions and also control the cash flow.

[ editar ] Equipment [ edit ]

  • The Checkout physical structure that holds the buyout, may consist of: PC 's, smart microterminal or cash register (once), ECF , Scanner , Pin Pad, POS up, cash drawer;
  • Microterminal , printers or production order, gondola, office, scales, data collector , Pocket PC , Tablet , smartphone , etc..

The process of automation of a trade is highly complex, as the size of the establishment and the techniques of the company responsible for the automation, and can take anywhere from three days to two years. It is divided into the following steps:

[ editar ] Phase 1 [ edit ]

  • Needs assessment
  • Definition Resource Hardware and Software
  • Training and involvement of users 3
  • Implementation and Monitoring
  • Maintenance and Support 4

[ editar ] Phase 2 [ edit ]

  • Integration Branch with Matrix
  • Integration Matrix with its suppliers


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