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Workflow Management (Workflow Management, WFM)

Workflow Management Overview

Workflow management is a widely used by the industry and the rapid development of technology, its main feature is to automate the process, people and various application tools mutual coordination to complete a job. Its purpose is to allow Taiwan appropriate person or software at the right time doing the right job.

Workflow concern is the automation of the process, it is based on a series of rules defined in the document, information or tasks are passed between participants in order to achieve a particular purpose. Workflow Management Coalition (Workflow Management Coalition, referred to WfMC) were given workflow and workflow management system definition: (a) a business process workflow is partially or wholly performed automatically by computer; (2) Workflow Management system is a fully defined, management and execution of the workflow system , which through a computer representation of workflow logic to drive the software and orderly operation.

Workflow technology provides the business process logic from the specific IT tools to separate the operation method, and can also be changed in the future the process of logical rules added. Workflow management in the office environment (such as the insurance , banking , legal, administrative , etc.) as well as industrial and manufacturing and other fields are widely used.

Workflow management of the historical inevitability [1]

Workflow technology dates back to the late 1970s, office automation and task batch 0. The first use of the term can be traced back to the workflow early 8O, but at that time there is no real workflow management system appears.

In the past, the network of interconnected applications are not very popular, and the function is relatively weak, a variety of software systems are designed to handle a single task with the computer network technology development, the computer's processing mode from a centralized to a distributed collaborative process treatment of development in this new processing mode, people can more precisely on top of system behavior modeling, development of systems for faster application needs to react to changes. Therefore, not only to deal with a single application system tasks, but also to manage the workflow within the organization, this application needs to promote the rapid development of workflow management.

In order to more profound understanding of workflow management implications for the future, there is J is worth recalling the past 40 years history of the evolution of application software systems, from a historical perspective to understand the workflow. Figure 1 shows the workflow management system application software systems become an integral part of the process of historical development.

In the 1960s, the application system is a separate program, each application has its own unique user interface and a dedicated data access system, each application between unrelated. In the 7o's, the data management part out, so have a database management system ( DBMS ), application system greatly simplifies data management. To 8O's, likewise part of the user interface again separated, so have a user interface management system (uIMs) by using UIMS, not too much to manage applications and user interaction functions, and enables applications have similar user interface to facilitate the users. Until the 1990s, workflow management system as a common application features began to appear, used to support business processes, so that application developers can put business processes extracted from the application.

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I have a couple of ideas how to improve my resume but wanted to run it past anyone who cares to respond here. I am working doing some temp work now (as you can see, as a admin. assistant.) And as you can see my history is pretty low level IT crap. Anyhow, I need better wording, probably a skills section...(Which is pretty limited to, uh, PC, MS Office.)
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