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BPM & BPMS - Business Process Management and Business Process Management Systems (2nd edition)  August 29, 2013 – 00:24
Muhammad Yazid

Excellent reading for professional development of executives, consultants and specialists from all organizational areas.

In this book you will learn about the informational clutter and attempts to organize data, information and knowledge, as the concept Computer-Supported Cooperative Work and tools that have been developed with adherence to this concept. You will also learn what is Business Process Management - BPM and Business Process Management System - BPMS and the differences and similarities with the software workflow.

It is a discussion of the analysis, design, redesign, modeling, organization, deployment, management and improvement of business processes can be or not a viable for informational clutter.

Rich in examples and tips for your organization deploy a business process management (BPM) software and use the Business Process Management System (BPMS) to increase productivity and quality in day to day operations.

The book can be used in courses in Business Administration, System Analysis, Computer Science and disciplines such as Organization & Methods and Systems Analysis, Design, Redesign, Mapping, Modeling, Organization, Implementation, Management and Business Process Improvement .


Some Words about Each Chapter

1. The (R) Evolutions IT

The "Waves" Call Information Technology

The Evolution of Hardware

The Distributed Computing

The Myth Called Office Automation

2. The Clutter Informational

The disease and its symptoms

Effects of DoI

Evolution of Informational Disorganization

3. The Historical Context of CSCW


Cooperative Work Through Business Process?

What is BPM?

The Model Still Exist

BPMS, a new name for Workflow?

To Write This Book


BPMS and Manufacturing Processes

Integrating a BPMS (Workflow) to an ERP

Integrating Workflow for Discrete Manufacturing

Software for Business Processes

The Emergence of BPMS

Technologies Involved with BPMS

BPM applications

Background & Foreground Processes

Tools for Workflow Management Environment

Application Servers

Languages ​​BPMS

ERP, CRM, and Other Software and Applications

Data Warehouse and BI


5. Amop is out?

The Case of Aircraft Maintenance Company

Levels of Process Documentation

Models of Business Processes

Methodologies for Business Processes

About BPO and KPO

About SOx and Corporate Governance

6. Life Cycles BPM and BPMS

BPM Lifecycle

Phases of Methodology

BPMS Lifecycle

7. Change is All There

Managing Change

Points for Attention

8. Analysts

The Three Levels of Detail Documentation Process

Examples of Levels of Process Documentation

The Process Analyst

The Workflow Analyst

The Analyst BPMS

The Architect (SOA SOA Architect)


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