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Founded in 1936, Ricoh Company, Ltd. is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan and a global presence worldwide. With more than 108, 000 employees worldwide, we specialize in office markets and production printing. We work with organizations around the world to modernize work environments and optimize document efficiency. Also we develop solutions for imaging devices, industrial products and network systems. Our history of innovation began with a spark of inspiration.


Our origins date back to the Institute of Physical and Chemical Research and its decision in 1927 to launch their concepts of research and development for the industry and the public by appointing Rikagaku Kogyo. In 1936, created the Riken Kogyo Rikagaku Kankoshi Co., Ltd. (whose name was changed to Riken Optical Co., Ltd. in 1938 and Ricoh Company, Ltd., 1963), to manufacture and sell sensitized paper. The company took its first steps in the field of photography in 1937 and in 1950 created the first mass production structure in Japan for cameras, increasing its popularity among consumers. The company took its first steps in the equipment sector in 1955 with the launch of Ricopy 101.

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For Ricoh, 70 was a decade of great innovation. In 1974, we launched the RIFAX 600S, the first office fax high speed world. In 1977, we coined the abbreviation OA (Office automation) office automation. And we continued technological development over the 80 years to increase our productivity in the office equipment, through the introduction of a line that included computers and word processors, optical sorting and laser printers.

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In 1987, we pioneered the introduction of a digital copier multifunctional office with IMAGIO 320. In 1996, we helped popularize digital models through the launch of IMAGIO MF200, photocopier compact and low cost. We also launched network solutions and color, and strengthened our production structure at the international level, moreover in a remarkable way by creating Ricoh Asia Industry (Shenzhen) Ltd. And we expanded our international sales network in 1995, through the acquisition of Corporation Savin and Gestetner Holdings PLC during the process. At Ricoh, we are always on the move.

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With our attention equally divided between our corporate social responsibility and our environmental responsibility, in 2002, we were the second Japanese company to participate in the Global Compact of the United Nations. In 2003, our efforts have earned us the gold medal of the World Environment Center of Excellence in the category Sustainable development in international business, being the first Asian company to receive this honor.

To strengthen our international sales network and boost our capabilities in terms of support and solutions, we have made some acquisitions, including: The NRG Group UK in 1996, the Lanier Savin in 2001 and the following year; divisions Print Hitachi and IBM in 2004, operations in Europe of Danka Business Systems in 2006, to support our global sales structure acquired IKON Office Solutions, Inc., in 2008 and in 2010, InfoPrint Solutions became wholly owned by Ricoh.


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