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  • 01 Look at China ERP Trends
  • Excerpts from: usually domestic enterprises on the domestic ERP software a higher degree of recognition, while foreign recognition of foreign higher ERP software. . . . .
  • 1 The vast majority of ERP vendors in the ERP vicious competition, due to a shortage of funds, cash flow interruption fatal problem, but have declined or are forced to sell. . . . .
  • 2 With the intensification of economic globalization, the domestic enterprises into the international market, international companies to invest heavily in the domestic market, the mainstream ERP software vendors products must be thoroughly support the operations of international business, which includes: a plurality of national language environment, financial system to adapt to a variety of multi-cultural integration and other aspects. Do not get bit in this regard manufacturers will face enormous competitive pressures. . . . .
  • 3 major manufacturers of ERP software products become more sophisticated, flexible and practical, in order to adapt to different countries, industries and enterprises needs. It also means increasing the degree of homogeneity ERP software. . . . .
  • ◇ Although China has entered the era of universal ERP systems, however, the most successful implementation of ERP enterprise ERP application level still at the primary stage, ERP upgrade an application exists a broad market space.
  • 02.2010 trends in the ERP: SAP VS Microsoft VS Oracle
  • Excerpts from: 2010 is still a buyer's market:

    ◇ Forrester Research predicted that as many companies strictly control the ERP implementation and expansion projects

    ◇ surge in the number of open source ERP solution:
    Open source ERP vendors usually offer the free version, but if the user wants to receive support services and additional features (such as manufacturing module), you need to pay. Proprietary ERP vendors because there is no competition from open source alternatives facing the danger of closing down. 。 But after a camp some players claim made ​​rapid development, the development momentum in 2010 may increase.

  • 03 To explore the era of e-commerce trends in ERP
  • Future direction and trend of development of ERP is to further and e-commerce, customer relationship management, supply chain management and other enterprise application systems integration. ERP management has continued to expand the scope of the trend in the main aspects of e-business, customer relationship management, office automation (OA) and other systems will be constantly integrated into the ERP system. . . . . . .
    1.ERP and supply chain integration / 2.ERP and information management technology, e-commerce technology integration / addition, ERP systems but also with CAD, CAM, CAP and other systems integration, mutual transfer data. . . . . . .


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