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Keynotes, moderators and speakers - Fujitsu Portugal  August 29, 2013 – 00:25

Cbarros. Carlos Barros
Director General | Fujitsu Portugal
With a career always associated with new technologies in the commercial and support to customers, Carlos Barros holds the post of Director-General of Fujitsu Technology Solutions, a multinational technology with more than 75 years and is currently the largest employer Japanese Portugal. Carlos Barros was responsible for creating in Lisbon one of the largest Competence Centres, Fujitsu, currently employing over 700 people of various nationalities. Satoru Hayashi
Executive Vice President of the Board Fujitsu,
Representing the Group's position in Japan and acting as a liaison for the regional implementation of the overall strategic direction. Was appointed to the Executive Management Team and the Board as Executive Vice President in April 2004. Since June 2010, is also chairman of the Japan Business Council in Europe, the European organization representing companies of Japanese descent in Europe. Kazuhiro Fujimura
Deputy Chief of Mission and Minister, Embassy of Japan in Portugal
In 1982 he joined the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, having played multiple roles with Chief of Staff of the Minister in the Office of Asian and Oceanian Affairs, Cabinet Affairs in Latin America and the Caribbean and worked at the Japanese Embassy in the U.S., Mexico, the Philippines, among others.Satoru Hayashi Between 2006 and 2013 he was professor Senshu University, Ritsumeikan Asia-Pacific University and Universidad de Salamanca in Spain. John Confraternity
Assistant Professor at the Catholic University
He teaches Public Policy, Regulation and Competition Economics and Telecoms
ANACOM's. He served as Vice President Public and member of the Board of the National Institute of Civil Aviation (2007-2011), member of the Board of Directors of the Institute of Communications of Portugal / National Communications Authority (1996-2002).
He was Director of the Centre for Applied Studies of the Portuguese Catholic University, Coordinator of Executive Programs in Economics and Law, Regulation and Competition (UCP) and Member of the MBA Program Director of the Catholic University. Pedro Reis,
President, AICEP
Pedro Reis was manager and business consultant for over 20 years in various sectors such as furniture, engineering, advertising and ensures the Kings comunicação.Pedro Executive Secretariat of Strategic Internationalization of Economics (IEEC) at the invitation of Prime Minister, member of the National Council for Entrepreneurship and Innovation and is a member of the General and Supervisory Board of Portugal Ventures. By appointment of the Minister of State and Foreign Affairs, chairs the Jury Prize "More Economic Diplomacy". Roundtable Business Journal "Solutions for Portugal: Innovation, Competitiveness and Exports" Pedro Guerreiro,
Director of Business Journal
Director of the Business Journal, a publication that was founded in 1997. Weekly, participate in the "Political Thermometer" RTP and the "Board of Directors" of the Radio Renaissance, being Saturday and columnist for the Record. Commentator on stations CNN, Aljazeera and CCTV, already published in the newspapers The Guardian and Legal Business (UK), ABC and El País (Spain) and O Globo (Brazil).Kazuhiro Fujimura He has a degree in Management and an MBA from ISG Universidade Nova de Lisboa. He began his journalism career in 1996 in Economics Weekly. Alfredo Baptista,
Executive Director, PT - Portugal Telecom
Alfredo Baptista, graduate in Electronics and Telecommunications Engineer from the Instituto Superior Técnico. Early career as an engineer and was Commercial Director in 1985 and 1986, Director of Planning and Control from 1987 to 1992 and Director of Business Unit Large Customers from 1992 to 1994, in Lisbon and Porto phones.
He is currently executive director with responsibility for the Technology and Wholesale at PT Portugal, SA. António Rapoula,
Vice-President, Institute of Informáica, IP
Functions previously performed at the Institute of Social Security, IP and EMEL - Empresa Pública Municipal Mobility and Parking Lisbon. Chairman of the Executive Board of FEIEA - Federation of European Business Associations Comunicators and Vice-President of PACE - Portuguese Association of Corporate Communication.JoaoConfraria Degree in Advertising and Marketing from the School of Social Communication of Lisbon and Communication Sciences from the Independent University of Lisbon. Cristina Dias,
Vice Presiente, CP - Train Portugal
Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors of Train Portugal, EPE since February of this year and was Administrator in the same company between June 2010 and February 2013. Currently Responsibilities under the direct responsibility are: Business Units of Urban Transport, CP and CP Lisbon Oporto, Direction of Information Systems, Production and Material Safety Authority of Exploration Placido Paulo
CIO, Optimus
His career includes extensive experience in the telecommunications industry, having already played roles as Director of Core Network Engineering Services and Director of Optimus and Network Operations at Optimus. Previously, he worked as a Service Engineer in Vodafone.
He graduated in Electrical Engineering and Telecommunications from the University of Coimbra, having made the Executive MBA from Georgetown University's (Washington) and ESADE (Barcelona). " Panel Big Data Analytics Fatima Hunter
Fatima Hunter is a journalist and writes about information technology since 1991. In his career went by the publisher and Bento Ferreira and Value Magazine and participated in the launch of the magazine Exame Informática and Bit. Under this route was distinguished by several journalism awards, including the most recent one was assigned by BES in the area of ​​corporate sustainability. André Carvalho
Director international markets, PT SI,
Where is since 2003 having gone through various roles as Director of Development and Director of Maintenance or Integration and Development. Previously been linked to the creation and management of technology startups. Training in Computer Engineering from IST. Postgraduate in International Management at INSEAD and Professional Services at Harvard Business School Eduardo Rodrigues
Director General, Megasis (TAP)
Degree in Electrical Engineering from the Instituto Superior Técnico (IST) and Master in Management / MBA from the School of Economics and Management (ISEG). In 1985 started operations in information technology in the EID / Centrel.Em 1988 he was hired for the IT Department TAP Air Portugal.Em 1992 and then transferred to the Megasis, IT company TAP Group, where he developed several activities under the technology architecture and management projectos.Em 1999 collaborated actively in the membership of the TAP Qualiflyer Group (QFG) was appointed Secretary General of the IT Working Group. In 2001 he was appointed Director of Megasis, position currently performing. Philip frasquilho
Director of Information Technology, ReferTelecom
Masters Degree in Information Technology Systems for Organizations ISEG. Degree in Mechanical Engineering - Branch Automation and Robotics - Instituto Superior Técnico. Since August 2004 holds the position of Director of Information Technology at ReferTelecom, SA. Between October 2001 and July 2004 the company exercised the same function Responsible for the Management of Infrastructure Computer. Mario Guerreiro
Responsible Business Intelligence, EDP
Degree in Computer Engineering from the Faculty of Science and Technology, New University of Lisbon in 1994, completed the "Executive Programme" Management of the Catholic University in 2002. Since 2009 the team manages applications and Business Intelligence Platforms Systems Department of EDP, responsible for the practice group, regarding the architecture, implementation and maintenance of all solutions BusinessIntelligence. Rudolf Gruner
Director General of Media Capital Multimedia
Degree in Business Administration from Universidade Católica Portuguesa, roles at Vodafone Portugal from 1996 to October 2010. Having started his career in the direction of Vodafone Customer Service, gradually took on new responsibilities in Marketing, Product Management, Pricing and design targeted at the youth segment - YORN. Before being admitted to the group Media Capital as Chief Marketing Officer of MCM, was in charge of managing the online channel B2C Vodafone and represented Portugal in the International Program Online Vodafone. Panel "Success stories of internationalization and foreign investment in Portugal" Pedro Pinto
It is the chief editor of TVI and host of the Official Journal of the A and 8, as well as a moderator in several debates on TVI 24. Professor at the Autonomous University of Lisbon in Courses of Communication Sciences and International Relations since 1997. Coordinates a Graduate Diploma in Television and is also Visiting Professor in the Masters in different field of Communication and Relations Internacionais.É Master in Development and International Cooperation ISEG, with a thesis on Mercosur, and graduated in journalism at CENJOR Carlos Barros
Director General | Fujitsu Portugal
With a career always associated with new technologies in the commercial and support to customers, Carlos Barros holds the post of Director-General of Fujitsu Technology Solutions, a multinational technology with more than 75 years and is currently the largest employer Japanese Portugal. Carlos Barros was responsible for creating in Lisbon one of the largest Competence Centres, Fujitsu, currently employing over 700 people of various nationalities John Castro
Administrator Visabeira
John Castro is a member of the board of Visabeira a Portuguese business group that operates in different sectors: telecommunications, gas, electricity, construction, manufacturing (earthenware, porcelain, crystal, kitchen furniture), real estate and tourism (hotels, catering, golf, marina). Works in Visabeira since 1990 and has held various technical and managerial positions, and is currently responsible for the international expansion of the group. Renato Man
Director General, Salsa
The exercise the role of COO in Salsa, accumulated managerial experience and management executive in companies of various sectors, from telecommunications to banking and insurance, national and international level (eg Novis Telecom SA, OniWay Infocomunicações SA, BPN SA / BPN SGPS SA, Real Seguros SA. still exerted the functions of Secretary-General in ICP - Institute of Communications of Portugal and chief executive in the API - Portuguese Agency for Investment and AICEP EPE, EPE.'s also the Invicta Angel Business Angels (Association of Business Angels Port). Rui Paiva,
Chairman Executive Committee, WeDo Technologies
Degree in Applied Mathematics and a graduate degree in Business Administration from Universidade Nova de Lisboa, began his career as a specialist IT and Telecommunications in Portugal Telecom. Later crossed Telecel / Vodafone as Head of Department of Infrastructure, Operations and Help Desk. Subsequently he was Director of the Consulting Department of HP Portugal. He was also Director of Information Systems and Deputy Executive Officer of Optimus Communications. He is currently the CEO of WeDo Technologies, accumulating even with the COO of Sonae Information Systems, member of the Executive Saphety, Mainroad and BizDirect.

Pedro Reis PedroGuerreiro AlfredoBatista AntonioRapoula


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