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Member companies of the Roche Group


With nearly twenty years of experience in New Caledonia and the South Pacific A2EP (the A gency for the E and E nvironment P acific) is a firm of design and engineering specializing in the fields of earth sciences (hydrogeology and geotechnical), water and the environment. The company became a member of the Roche Group in 2007. Its internal laboratory and field teams are specialized in the analysis of soils, materials, air and water. A2EP and provides a complete service including the acquisition of necessary for the realization of your projects measurements.

Évimbec Ltd.

Évimbec Ltd., a member of the Roche Group since 1978, is the largest appraisal firm in Quebec. It works in all areas related to the evaluation since 1953. Its employees, appraisers certified members of the Order of Chartered dévaluateurs Quebec and its specialists and technicians assessment is an experienced, dynamic and conscientious team.

Géomog inc.

Géomog, a member of the Roche Group since May 2011, is a company specializing in surveying and geomatics excels in the area since 2004. Géomog consists of a team of qualified experts providing professional services of the highest accuracy, such as technical and surveying, site supervision, surveying, construction surveying, bathymetry, the calculation of volume, management techniques as well as GIS data services.

The personalized and flexible approach Géomog and its equipment at the cutting edge of technology make it the essential resource surveying and geomatics for all your complex projects requiring unique expertise.

Council Forchemex Group Ltd.

Serving many forest companies and stakeholders in the forest for more than 30 years, the Council Forchemex Group Ltd., a member of the Roche Group since May 1998, has carved out a solid reputation in the field of forest management. This subsidiary was formed for integration of services Wood and Forestry Division of Roche and R. Després & Ass. inc., forestry services firm specializing in forest roads.

Council Rock Atlantic Group Ltd.

Atlantic Council Roche Ltd. (Roche Atlantic) Group was founded in 1978. Its creation was to ensure the smooth running of the business mandates in the Atlantic provinces. It has offices in Caraquet, Dalhousie Edmundston, New Brunswick. Atlantic Roche offers services industrial engineering, electrical and mechanical, structural, marine engineering and automation.

Pasquin St-Jean & Associates

In September 2008, Roche was the acquisition of IMS consultants. This acquisition has also allowed it to add the recognized expertise of the firm Pasquin St-Jean-Experts-Conseils inc., A subsidiary of IMS, specializing in the building structure and whose fame is international.

Pasquin St-Jean & Associates was founded in 1980 by Claude Pasquin St-Jean Michel and engineers. The company currently has about 50 employees, permanent, all specialized in the field of the structure.


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