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Outsourcing Revolution "utilizing global talent pool  January 8, 2006 – 00:00

■ Michael. Corbett This also means that professionals must possess the skills and knowledge levels will increase at a rapid pace. In the field of the daily standard operations that can be done by any competent personnel work, will soon commercialized. There are several ways commercialization, one is offshore outsourcing, the other is the use of technology.
Offshore outsourcing to improve the training of professionals trained, you can use the equivalent proportion in developed countries minimal salary employees to complete the job standard, repetitive work.
Today is India, the Philippines, Eastern Europe and China. Tomorrow will be Afghanistan, Ghana, Thailand and Vietnam. Today, the world can access contacts, we can predict global smart, hard-working people will try to obtain the necessary education and become a global talent pool. Once among the world's stage, these people will have the opportunity to work.
Another part of their daily work, the professional job commercialization way is through technology. Every day more and more pooling of knowledge to the information system, the function of these systems is to automate tasks, and allow customers to self-service way to acquire knowledge and skills. This means that professionals must continue to enrich the skills of professional fields, otherwise tomorrow will face unemployment dilemma. Professionals must escape system's daily operations, focusing on the meaning and relevance of the work; must know how to link the expertise and future needs ─ ─ ─ ─ emerging value opportunities to create value.
Everyone is boss employees to become artisans another level, the pattern of self-employment, whether currently working in the company.
Self-employed persons career planning, and traditional journalists different. They know that if you want to have work tomorrow, it must meet the needs of customers today. Understand the customer and often self-adjustment to meet changing needs, is the focus of their work. Self-employed people usually take the initiative to seek to enhance the skills of self, of course they can not wait for our customers to provide training opportunities. On the contrary, they understand in a rapidly changing, highly competitive market among the customers demand and competition must occur before they first develop skills.
Self-employed persons also believe that their skills are mobile and portable, can extend from the customer to the next customer. Their value is not limited to job descriptions, but decided on the knowledge and experience. They often develop and update professional network; They are constantly seeking the next customer, seeking willing and able to pay the highest market price of their work customers.
(2 of this article taken from the forthcoming economic Tide "Outsourcing Revolution")
[2006/01/09 Economic Daily]


Real Estate Office Management: People, Functions, Systems
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